Blade Sharpening

Blade Sharpening at Burns Tools

Carbide Saw Blade Sharpening Prices

of Teeth
Up to 20T $12.25 $14.25
21-40T $14.25 $17.25
41-60T $17.25 $20.25
61-80T $19.25 $22.25
81-100T $21.25 $24.25
101-120T $25.25 $28.25
121-140T $28.25 $32.25
* Prices are for saw blades up to 17"

Router Bit Sharpening Prices

Single & Double Flute $4.15
Triple Flute $5.15
Formed $6.15
Formed Over 1-½" $9.15
Raised panel up to 3-½" $12.15
* Add $1.00 for bits with a bearing

Shaper Cutter Sharpening Prices

3-Wing up to 1-½" $16.25
3-Wing Raised Panel $25.25

MultiMaster E-Cut Blade Sharpening

Minimum 3 $10.00 ea.
*Prices do not include freight.

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Keep your edge with SuperSharp!
Send us your Carbide-Tipped Saw Blades via UPS, USPS or FedEx.

We are the only shop to offer the SuperSharp premium blade sharpening process that last longer, cuts better and saves wear and tear, extending your tool's total service life.  When you consider the equipment investment you've already made, ensuring you have the best quality sharpening service has a direct impact on your bottom line.  Rely on our high degree of expertise to maintain the quality, finish and long-lasting nature of your specialized blades.

Burns performs high-end, industrial sharpening of most cutters, knives and saw blades, specializing in carbide-tipped blades & cutters. We use very fine grit diamond wheels for highly precise sharpening. The results?  Better blade performance that produces a smooth finish without chipping.  Our state-of-the-art automatic carbide grinders for carbide tooth saw blades turn out a perfect edge every time.

We are proud that many saw blade manufacturers recommend Burns to their customers for sharpening services. Aside from the referrals, we are a Certified Freud Sharpening Center!

Our five point inspection

We take the extra step to ensure perfection.

After every blade is sharpened, it must pass our rigorous five-point inspection before we dip it in protective coating and return it to you. Our skilled sharpeners inspect for:

1. Edge quality and point sharpness-each tooth is visually qualified under a 30x magnifier.
2. Concentricity - within .002.
3. Plate runout - within .005.
4. Tooth runout - within .005.
5. Tolerance of the various tooth geometry.

So when your business depends on precision cutting, depend on the craftsmen at Burns to keep it that way.

That's Burns 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have nothing to lose!

Send us your blades for sharpening, and if you don't agree it's the best, we'll fix it! Test your newly sharpened blade as soon as you receive it, and if you're not happy with the result, return it right away with a sample cut of material and we'll re-sharpen it to your satisfaction at no charge. And we'll credit you for the original sharpening.

What satisfied customers are saying

Pedro Dugay
Manele Bay Ukulele, Maipahu, HI

"Recently I sent 4 10 inch blades to be sharpened and I must admit that my blades have never been this sharp until now. I've tried to utilize our local businesses to do the sharpening but they somehow not able to do the job right. Thank you for a job well done."

Chuck Oberste
ACI Plastics, Little Rock AR

"Burns' sharpening is, by far, the best we've ever had. Being in the plastics industry we need a perfect cut, and Burns' saw blade sharpening gets us the quality of cut that we require. When we upgraded our saw blades our previous service could not achieve an acceptable result. We went hunting and found Burns Tools. The router bits even cut better than new after their sharpening! I highly recommend Burns' sharpening service."

Ron Mcfadden
CH Newton, Boston MA

"I’ve been in architectural woodworking for 35 yrs, and would not use anybody else for my sharpening. I highly recommend Burns Tools."

Jim Larson
Hinckley, Ohio

"Just got my blades back today and want to send a note of thanks. I haven't used all of them of course, but the two that I did were sharper than anything that I've ever used. I went through some significant hardwood like a hot knife through butter (sorry for the cliche, but I couldn't think of any that would better describe how smooth the cuts were). Should I have surgery in the near future, I hope your company is the one that sharpens the blades. I also appreciate the service - your verbal and written communication with me, and I especially like being able to track the shipment after you sent it out. You can use me as a testimonial for your skill and service. I've already got some more blades set aside to send your way. Thanks again."

David Sudano
Woodworker, Slidell, Louisiana

"WOW...I sent in one blade for trial and I am floored.  I heard that I should expect the sharpened blade to be sharper than the original, but WOW, I can't believe how effortless it is to cut now.  I have never experienced such a sharp and easy cut.  I will definitely be sending more blades in for sharpening"

Ron Turcotte
Custom Design, North Kingston, Rhode Island

"I cut plexi, styrene, wood, aluminum, acrylic - probably at least 10,000 cuts a day.  SuperSharp gives my blades a longer lifespan.  We used to have to sharpen every 3-4 days.  With this sharpening I can go a week and a half.  The difference is phenomenal.  Cutting is everything - if the cut's no good the display won't go together right."

Kris Resendes
Orion Retail Exhibit Display, Smithfield, Rhode Island

"Orion has chosen Burns Tools as our primary supplier of small power tools and tooling. We entrust all of our saw blades, shaper cutters, and CNC tooling to their sharpening department run by Russell Bodington. Their quality of work has improved the performance and life of our tooling. We have done business with Burns Tools for many years because of the reliable services and workmanship they provide."

Dennis Foster
Foster's Home Repair, Glenfield, NY

"Just got back my first sharpening order from you folks on Thursday last week and put the first blade in service this morning. Man, what a job you folks did!! I'm sure this blade didn't cut this well even when it was new. And the planer blades look GREAT!! THANKS!! I'll be sending more blades soon."