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6" Platin



Grit: silicon carbide
Coating: stearate
Bonding: synthetic resin
Backing: foam-fiber
Grit range: S400 - S4000
Grit coating: open coated

Plastics, Fiberglass, Composites
Use S400 to S1000 for matte to semi-gloss finish.
Use S2000 to S4000 to achieve high gloss finish or to prep for polishing.

Solid Surface
S400 - S1000 fine finish
S2000 - S4000 super fine finish
Platin 2 is excellent on solid surface: AvoniteCorian, Samsung, Varicor, etc.
Work from S400 to S1000 for semi-gloss finish.
Use S2000 to S4000 for high gloss finish.

Fillers & Finishes
S400 - S1000 fine finish
S2000 - S4000 super fine finish
Platin 2 was specially developed for high gloss finishes. Prep for polishing with pumice and rottenstone.
Feather auto-body fillers and prep for paint.
For fine finishes, use from S400 to S1000.
Use S2000 to S4000 for super fine finishes.

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