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iCarver CNC

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General introduced its CNC to the woodworking marketplace back in 2008. The i-Carver was launched 2 years later. It was developed to be an EASY TO USE CNC solution for schools, hobbyists, small wood shops, and light production shops. By purchasing a General i-Carver CNC carving machine, you are guaranteed:

  • Ease of use: General has developed both design software and an operating system that will allow even those with little or no technology background to use the i-Carver
  • Outstanding after sale support: We strive to provide the best after sale support in the industry. This is critical given the non technical nature of most of our customers
  • Quality construction: From the fit and finish to the outstanding features of the machine construction, the i-Carver represents quality in every respect

There are two iCarvers available. Both machines come standard with the software i-Picture. i-Picture is a very easy to use tool that will help even those with little or no computer skills to use their i-Carver. It simply converts an image file into a carving file. From there you plug the file into the i-Carver and it uses the raster cutting method to carve out the image in tremendous detail!  There is no requirement for the you to learn CAD/CAM design software to use an i-Carver. This is so important for entry level users or school just trying to familiarize their students with CNC technology.

In addition to i-Picture, the 40-915X machine comes with the software program ArtCAM Express, by Delcam. ArtCam Express or ACE, with the use of a special post processor file developed by General, allows the i-Carver (series 40-915X only) to utilize traditional CAD design files and dramatically expand the i-Carvers capabilities. Included with the program is a complete training DVD and 500 3D images (models) that can be machined on their own or they can even be incorporated into a 2D design to add stunning 3D effects to the work.

ArtCam Express is only offered for the model 40-915X, NOT the 40-913. The 40-913 cannot use CAD software. With this ArtCam Express software, you can:

  • Design using all the geometry tools found in conventional CAD software
  • Import virtually any image
  • Dramatically reduce the machining times on most operations

So, are you ready to jump into the world of CNC? General makes it easy with this TURNKEY solution. Once you design your project, you simply:

  • Turn the machine power on: The machine will automatically “home” to the top left corner of the table
  • Install the flashdrive into the USB port on the side of the machine
  • Position the tool: The tool needs to be jogged to the location that matches what the customer chose when he designed his project (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right or center)
  • Select the file from the flashdrive
  • Start the cutting operation!

No competitive brand can compete with the General iCarver! Weakness of competitors include the complexity of their design software, lack of after-the-sale support, and lack of local representation. Burns Power Tools has chosen to represent General as our main source of small CNC machines for these very reasons, and so should you!

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