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Multi-Purpose Cordless Metal Cutter & Drill/Driver, 3.3 Ah

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Panasonic EYC194LR - Multi-Purpose Cordless Metal Cutter & Drill/Driver, 3.3 Ah

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EYC194LR Tough IP Li-ion 14.4-Volt, 3.3Ah Cordless Drill and Driver and 5-3/8" Multi-Purpose Metal Cutter Kit for mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades that cut, drill, fasten and more Most construction jobs require a variety of drilling, cutting and fastening steps to install electrical, plumbing, HVAC or other components. That?s why construction professionals need the power and the versatility of a cordless drill and driver and the versatility of a cordless metal-cutting saw. The 14.4-volt EYC194LR packages that versatility into one kit. The EY7441X drill and driver and the EY4542X multi-purpose metal cutter stand at the ready to complete a variety of heavy-duty jobs that electricians, general construction contractors, system installers, heating, water and sanitation technicians can throw at them. Drill/driver versatility The Panasonic 14.4-volt 3.3Ah EY7441X drill and driver is built to take on jobs professional tradesmen face with versatility and power. The tool is right at home on general construction, plumbing, finish carpentry and electrical installation jobs Its compact size only 7-5/8" long x 9-1/8" tall x 2-3/8" wide gets it into tight spaces. The tool can produce 390 in. lbs. of power so it can take on tough tasks such as drilling up to 1-3/8? diameter holes in wood or ?? diameter holes in metal. In driving mode, the tool can drive M5 machine screws, The variable speed, reversible tool has a two-speed transmission that efficiently converts the motor's power into drilling/driving power. Users will find the 50-430 rpm low speed helpful in deep wood-drilling and -driving jobs, while the 160-1,650 rpm high speed works best in most metal-drilling jobs. An electric brake stops chuck spin instantly when the trigger is released. A built-in LED light makes work in dark areas easier and a belt hook keeps the tool close at hand when it's not in use. The 18-stage clutch lets the user adjust driving force to the job. It adjusts from approximately 4.4 to 39.0 in. lbs. in 2 in. lbs. increments, so driving force matches driving needs without overdriving or stripping fasteners. At just 3.85 lbs. including battery, the tool?s light weight and ergonomic design helps keep the user?s wrist in the neutral position. The light weight and tool design work together to cause less fatigue and improve tool control. Metal cutting and more The EY4542X multi-purpose metal-cutting saw can use one of five 5-3/8"-diameter special-purpose blades designed to slice through common metal, wood, plastic and PVC building materials. The compact tool?s no-load 3,600 rpm speed has the power to cleanly cut through materials. At only 5.84 lbs., including battery, the tool is easy to handle in a variety of cutting positions. The tool?s inline cutting design is comfortable to use and an LED light illuminates the work area to make the cutting line easier to see. A transparent window in the blade guard makes seeing the cutline easy and helps control wood or plastic dust or metal filings. The three-way guard controls dust with an attached vacuum, attached dust case or an ejector that directs dust out the rear of the tool. Its maximum 1-13/16" cutting depth is easy to adjust to match blade contact area with the work piece for fast, accurate cuts. An electric brake stops the blade quickly once the trigger is released; a safety switch lock helps prevent unintended tool start-ups. The 13/16" arbor has a shaft lock button that makes blade changes simple. High-tech components deliver speed, power and durability The EY7441X drill and driver is powered and controlled by a brushless motor, durable switch and sealed control circuits in the tool body and battery pack. These high-tech and resilient systems deliver top power, speed, runtime and long tool life. Because electronics replace brushes in the tool, the tool creates less heat and uses power much more efficiently than conventional motors found in many cordless tools. That means longer runtimes between charges, cooler operation and longer tool and battery life. Their design also allows them to operate under substantial loads, making it less likely to burn out when used for heavy-duty jobs. Tough and long-lasting battery packs The kit comes with two Panasonic 14.4-volt 3.3Ah LR battery packs that are built for heavy use, long runtimes between charges and long cycle life. Unlike manganese-based Li-ion batteries used in many cordless power tools, Panasonic's exclusive cobalt Li-ion battery technology produces less internal heat buildup that can kill battery packs. The battery packs also feature Panasonic's Solid Solution technology, a proprietary process for dissolving and hardening cobalt and nickel and other key battery components. This unique chemistry dramatically improves battery pack safety, reliability and power output. A special heat-resistant ceramic coating layer separates cells and protects them from heat buildup. The chemistry, battery design and manufacturing process add up to powerful batteries that promise to deliver long running lives. Battery packs that are smart, too Sometimes professional users are their own tool's worst enemy, attempting to push them past their design limits. This can lead to irreversible battery or tool damage. That's why Panasonic 3.3Ah LR battery pack cells are independently monitored for even discharge while preventing over-charging and over-discharging. An over-discharge sensor prevents the user from running the tool after it reaches the point where too-low voltage output could damage the battery and the tool. Plus, an internal temperature sensor flashes a warning light if internal temperatures rise, and then cuts off tool power if battery temperature reaches critical levels. Getting water into the battery doesn't have to mean it's a goner. Panasonic engineers have added built-in vents in the battery case so water can easily drain out of the battery pack. The battery, which is easy to remove using a simple slide-down release button, charge to 80 percent capacity in 50 minutes and fully charge in 65 minutes with the EY0L81B charger that comes with the kit. Tough tools for tough conditions add tough ip logos The drill/driver and impact driver have an IP56 rating that proves the tools? toughness claims. This rating means the tools have withstood demanding laboratory tests of working in extremely dusty work environments and the effects of water getting sprayed on the tool by powerful jets. In the field, it assures professional tradesmen have tools that can stand up to the rigors of hard jobsite use. The IP rating is established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is outlined in IEC 60529. The standard outlines a coding system that indicates the degree of protection an electrical machine?s enclosure offers internal components. Based on objective testing, it assigns a rating to the enclosure?s ability to keep potentially damaging solid foreign objects (dust and contaminants) and water out of the tool under increasingly difficult conditions. The dust protection test subjects the tool to a very dusty environment and then puts it to work to assure the tool was unaffected by dust exposure. In the grueling test, the tools proved that they achieved a dust protection level of five out of six levels; the sixth level is for dust-tight tools. It's a good indication that the tool design keeps potentially harmful contaminants out, assuring long life and top performance that professionals demand. Similarly, the water protection test put the tools up against increasing levels of water exposure. They attained a six out of eight levels rating, withstanding the effects of powerful water jets. Whether it's extremely dusty work conditions or work in damp or wet locations, users will appreciate a tool that will keep working when others would likely fail. Consult the safety and operating instructions for more information.

Type Multi-Purpose
Brand Name Panasonic
Battery Type Li-Ion
Battery Voltage 14.4 V
Battery Capacity 3.3 Ah
Speed Rating 200 to 1400 RPM
Arbor Size 13/16"
Blade Diameter 5 3/8 Inch
Chuck Type Keyless
Chuck Capacity 1/2"
Handle Style Side
Torque 390 Inch-lb
Includes Extra Battery, Molded Plastic Carrying Case
Application For Electricians, General Construction Contractors, System Installers, Heating, Water And Sanitation Technicians Job
Weight 14 lb
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