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Plumbit Extendable Level 76" - 17' 4"

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Plumb-It PIX-6.0 - Plumbit Extendable Level 76" - 17' 4"

The Plumb-it Extendable Level…

  • Point to point
  • Quick Extension
  • Solid Locking

Uses of the Plumb-It Level:

  • Plumb and Line especially on Balloon, Clip, Rake and Gable End walls
  • Concrete Formwork setting crowned form boards level end to end
  • Cabinets when doing initial measurements for layout and when installing kicks,cabinets and countertops
  • Finish Carpentry on door jambs, closet shelving cleat layout
  • Siding layout between columns
  • Aluminum widow and Curtain Wall layout and installation
  • Mirrror walls & wallpaper layout
  • Tennant Improvement layout for stud height and stud location around existing ductwork and other protrusions
  • General Layout Tool as diagonal in 3,4,5 dimensions & to determine existing wall plumbness when remodeling
  • Tilt-up concrete panel locator
  • Basement layout line transfer


Built In One Inch Offsets:
Allows point to point or top to bottom plate readings instantly with out add-ons. Crowned or bowed structural members can be set end to end, then straightened if necessary.

Durable Construction:
Hefty polyurethane ends absorb shock.

Built In Straight Edge:
Flush side, opposite the offset side, is a straight edge that can be used as a gauge to shim bowed structural members.

Interlocking triple anodized I-Beam design prevents damage from bending.

Infifinite settings in range. Extends almost 3 times compressed length and anywhere in between. Remains rigid when extended due to patented grip release mechanism.

Vials are Precision Milled Solid Cast Acrylic:
The only Solid Cast Vial available ( not injection molded ). Guaranteed for Life to remain accurate and never leak or fog.

Accuracy from the factory is:
.014º degrees reading up or down, which is .00025” per inch, .003” per ft. or .25mm per meter. Factory Set for life–never needs adjustment.

Plumb-It,Inc. warrants the Plumb-It Extendable Level for a period of 1 year (Lifetime on Vials) from the date of original purchase. We will repair or replace at our option, any part or parts of the product, which by examination proves to be defective in workmanship or material during the warranty period. Return the tool pre-paid to Plumb-It,Inc. This warranty does not apply to cases of misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear or unauthorized repair attempts.

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