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DF700EQ Domino XL Joiner Set & CT36 Dust Extactor Vac Package

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Festool P36574447 - DF700EQ Domino XL Joiner Set & CT36 Dust Extactor Vac Package

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Festool Domino Joiner DF 700 XL: The Festool Domino XL is built for the big jobs that the DF 500 just can't handle Where the Domino 500 is built for small to medium size joinery, the Domino XL is designed for large projects that require a structural joint. This machine is basically a portable tenoning machine. When building interior or exterior doors, furniture or any other item that needs a strong, hidden joint, use the Domino XL 700.

Festool Mobile HEPA rated Dust Extractor CT 36 E: In fabrication, dust happens. It's very small, floats everywhere, lands on everything in sight, and gets inside your tools. Due to its minute size, wood dust particles can be particularly troublesome to remove from an environment once airborne. The fine dust that is ejected into the air can make you sneeze, cough, and experience other allergy-like symptoms. Experts agree that limiting your exposure is the best protection. Another great way to minimize the effects of dust created during fabrication is to use high quality tools that are designed with dust extraction in mind. When working with a good dust extractor, you will be able to eliminate the majority of the dust created at the source before it is ever released into your environment. Dust extractors with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, paired in-line or on-board are the best solution. These filters are capable of capturing 99.997% of all particulates down to 0.3 microns. Originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to remove radioactive dust from industrial exhaust, HEPA filters have become the preferred filtration system for most sensitive manufacturing and health care environments. There is no better filtration on the market today. Now take a deep breath and focus on what's really important - your results.

  • Positioning:
    With an adjustable fence angle, retractable stop flaps, adjustable cutter height with step gauge, and precise mortise depth stop, the Domino joiner enables precise mortise placement and spacing.
  • Carbide tip spiral bit:
    Durable, long-lasting bit withstands 5000 to 14000 joints depending on material.
  • Pivoting fence:
    Fence creates angled mortises from 0 to 90° with positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, 67.5°
  • Stepped height stop:
    From 13/32 to 1-31/32" (10-50mm) for different material thicknesses for fast and easy fence height adjustment
  • Depth control:
    Quick, precise adjustment in 5mm increments for different mortising depths, relative to the size of the tenon required for the application, Adjusts from 19/32 to 2 3/4" (15-70 mm)
  • Dust extraction:
    Your mortises are clean and ready for glue when the Domino is used in combination with a dust extractor, Proper dust extraction greatly extends cutter life
  • Mortise width adjustment:
    Adjusting the width of the mortise allows for easier alignment when joining panels.
  • Rapid bit change:
    Means you can change a bit in under 30 sec to match desired tenon size.
  • Patented routing principle:
    The spiral cutter rotates and oscillates to create perfect mortises
  • Includes:
    DF 700 XL Joiner, D12 (12mm) Domino cutter, Support bracket, Plug-it-cord, Operating wrench, In systainer 5 T-Loc, Trim stop, Cross stop
  • Compact design but large volume
  • Modular plug-in slot allows maximum customisation
  • High-power, space-efficient turbine provides high suction power
  • Sys-Dock, hose garage and cord holder for tidy work
  • Locking wheel brake for safe transportation
  • Optimum filter bag usage and constant suction power thanks to SELFCLEAN bag
  • Optimised servicing for time and cost savings
  • Fast changing of main filter and filter bag - no tools required
  • Precise dust extraction due to stepless speed adjustment
  • Soft-starting, shut-off delay and automatic electronic switch-on/shut-off for power and air tools
  • No static buildup due to anti-static function
  • Includes:
    Festool CT 36 E Hepa cleantex dust extractor, HEPA filter, 27 mm hose, Integrated hose garage, Cord wrap
Type Mobile
Brand Name Festool
Size 24.8" L x 14.4" W x 23.4"H
Capacity 9.6 Gal
Maximum CFM 137
Current Rating 2.9 to 10 Amp
Power Rating 350 to 1200 Watt Dust Extractor, 720 Watt Joiner
Voltage Rating 120 VAC
Cord Length 24.6 Feet
Hose Diameter 27 mm
Special Features 24300 RPM Cutter Spindle Speed, 19/32 to 2 3/4 Inch Mortising Depth Stop, 8 10 12 14 mm Domino Slot Cutter Diameter, 96 Inch Static Water Lift Maximum Vacuum
Weight 70 lb

3 Year

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