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Kapex KS120 Miter Saw & CT26 Dust Extractor Vac Package

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Festool P26561287 - Kapex KS120 Miter Saw & CT26 Dust Extractor Vac Package

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The Festool Kapex is the most advanced sliding compound miter saw in the market today. In the hands of a carpenter, this saw will make cuts that rival the finest trim work being done today. Engineered to be lightweight and compact, the KS 120 is the perfect saw for the workshop or the jobsite. Effective dust extraction, precise cuts, easy adjustments, and quality components are some of the features that should make this saw the number one choice of professional tradesmen. The KS 120 has a small footprint with a great amount of power. The power and impressive cutting capacity of the KS 120 will make you think that you are working with a much larger saw. This saw rivals the cutting capacity of a 12" unit and is capable of cutting crown molding up to 6-5/8" (in the nested position) with the special cutting position, and hardwoods greater than 3" thick, smoothly and precisely.

  • KAPEX KS 120 EB Sliding Compound Miter Saw - 561287
  • Portability - The ergonomically designed carrying position combined with its light weight (47 lb) make the Kapex easy to move around the job site. When being transported, the Kapex''s head is locked down making it compact and preventing movement
  • Deck Height - The deck height matches the height of your sustainer 1 storage containers. On the jobsite, you can use one or more sustainers to support the material being cut
  • Counter Spring Balanced - The bevel adjustment is counter spring balanced meaning that you can position the bevel at any angle and the head will stay in position even when it is not locked in place. This makes angle adjustment much less tedious and more accurate. Bevel gauges are on both sides of the saw for quick, easy reference
  • Dust Hood - The Kapex features a dust hood which is responsible for directing the ejection of saw dust from the blade into the dust collection port
  • Blade Kerf and Guard Design - The Kapex blade creates a thin kerf which reduces load on the motor and improves the cut quality. The blades are specially designed to reduce noise levels and dampen vibration. The large 30 mm arbor hole reduces blade deflection
  • Rail Forward Design- The Kapex features a rail forward design which increases precision and creates a compact footprint. The rails are robust at 30 mm in diameter and are wide apart. This prevents head play to ensure smooth, accurate cuts every time
  • FastFix Blade Changes - The Kapex features Festool''s patented FastFix blade change system. Turning the fast fix knob locks the arbor, mechanically locks out the trigger and allows the blade to be changed with a single hand
  • Dual Lasers - Easily align cuts from the left or the right side using the dual lasers. The lasers clearly define the material which will be removed during the cut. Using the three axis adjustment controls, you have complete control to fine-tune the lasers
  • Bevel Lock Knob - Use the bevel lock knob conveniently located on top of the Kapex to control the bevel positive detents and to lock the bevel angle. The counter spring balanced head on the Kapex allows you to position the bevel and let go of the saw with the head moving. Use the fine adjustment knob to control bevel angles in fractions of a degree
  • Ergonomic Handle Position - A center-positioned handle allows you to make cuts with either hand making it easier to view the cut. Combine the Kapex with the MFT/3-Kapex table to place the saw at the optimal work height for greater comfort. The 2 stage trigger helps prevent accidental triggering
  • Direct Drive Motor - The 1600 W motor utilizes direct drive for a more efficient transfer of energy to the blade. The result is a cleaner, more accurate cut than a conventional miter saw
  • MMC electronics - With variable speed pre-selection, smooth start up, safety brake and overload protection the MMC electronics minimize working stress and adapt machine performance to the working material
  • Trenching Capability - With the simple flip of a conveniently placed knob, you can cut trenches to create lap joints or go around pipes and other obstacles. Flip the knob back up and you're back to normal miter saw position in seconds
  • Bevel Fine-Adjustment Knob - Use the fine-adjustment knob to control the bevel of the cut to fractions of a degree with extreme precision. The knob rotates and engages a rack and pinion to move the head
Type Sliding Compound
Brand Name Festool
Voltage Rating 120 V
Amperage Rating 13 Amp
Speed 1400 - 3400 RPM
Blade Diameter 10 1/4 Inch
Arbor Size 1 1/8 Inch
Cutting Capacity 12 x 3 1/2 Inch Cutting Depth at 90/90, 8.46 x 3.46 Inch Cutting Depth at 45/90, 8.46 x 2.16 Inch Cutting Depth at 45/45, 8.46 x 1.37 Inch Cutting Depth at 45/45 (Right), 3/4 x 4 23/32 Inch Cutting Depth at 45/90 (Right)
Special Features With Laser Guide, Vertical Handle, 10 Positive Miter Detents, Double Insulated Cord, 50 Deg Max. Miter Left Angle, 60 Deg Max. Miter Right Angle, 47 Deg Max. Bevel Left Angle, 47 Deg Max. Bevel Right Angle, 28 W x 19 3/4 D x 18 1/2 H Inch Dim

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