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10" 40T ATB FSP Burns Blade

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Burns, Inc. JB1040 - 10" 40T ATB FSP Burns Blade


* The saw plate is made by one of the leading saw makers in the world. The steel is the toughest nickel alloy steel known.
* The saw blade is then heat-treated in the latest type of electric furnace to a rockwell hardness of 48. 
* The blade is then precision ground to thickness.
* Our expert sawsmiths then hammer tension and straighten it, using the proper dog-face and cross-face hammers.
* Hammer tensioning, with the resulting forcefields running into each other, along with the proper rockwell hardness of saw body, will resist heat caused by running dull saws. The result is a better cut and a longer lasting blade!

Marshall Burns here. This letter is to follow up on a discussion between Tom MacDonald and the members of his web site, where he as master woodworker has recommended the Burns JB1040 as the best 10" saw blade that he has ever used.

I have spent my entire life in the design, sharpening and servicing of circular saw blades, including five years of anvil work at Simonds Saw Co. of Fitchberg, Massachusetts. I was contacted and asked why this saw blade does what it does...well, here is my answer! 

The blade plate is made by one of the world's best saw makers to my specifications of Rockwell hardness. This specific hardness is proven to be the best, and the blade is then precision ground and hand hammered to the proper tension for average table saw speeds. I stress HAND TENSIONING because it is far superior to roll tension, which other saw makers use. In roll tensioning, opposing rolls press tension into blade in a circular motion, which creates even forcefields around the center of the saw plate. When a saw blade gets dull, heat builds up in the plate body and begins to follow the line of least resistance in the even force fields, and deflection can begin causing the blade to warp and wobble. Hammered tension, with every blow causing force fields to run into and through one another, will resist heat much better. 

Each blade is completed with the Burns SuperSharp Finish, and we believe that we have the best 10" all-purpose blade in the world. 

I guarantee our quality, 
Marshall Burns

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