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CT36E-AC Dust Extractor Vacuum w/AutoClean Feature (9.5 gallon)

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Festool 584014 - CT36E-AC Dust Extractor Vacuum w/AutoClean Feature (9.5 gallon)

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The Planex LHS 225 drywall sander is going to create a lot of dust… fast. Such a tremendous volume of dust can quickly clog the pleated filters of a normal dust extractor, diminishing suction, requiring frequent breaks to clean it off, while also straining or damaging your dust extractor.

What sets the CT 36-AC from normal dust extractors is its ability to deal with the dust with quick bursts of air, which automatically cleans the filter for continued, uninterrupted use, so you can keep your focus where it counts, and save money in the process. This integrated filter cleaning mechanism that periodically knocks the dust free of the filter. This guarantees maximum air flow and prevents the filter from becoming caked with dust. The CT AutoClean is outfitted with all of the same functionality and features that you've come to expect from Festool's premium line of dust extractors with the exception of a standard HEPA filter.

The CT AutoClean is the magic behind your PLANEX Drywall Sander that makes it virtually dust-free. Huge amounts of suction suck up nearly every speck of dust leaving your client with a big smile on their face when you're done at the end of the day.

The CT 36 AutoClean is capable of being used with tools other than the new PLANEX Drywall Sander. The standard hose supplied with the CT AutoClean is 36mm, so an optional 27mm hose may be required for use with some tools, such as sanders. The automatic filter cleaning feature is optional and can be disabled for normal dust extraction operation. The included filter is a high-performance filter designed specifically for use with drywall dust. An optional HEPA filter may be installed, but the CT AutoClean is not designed or tested for use with EOA RRP applications.

The CT 36-AC comes equipped with a special black antistatic 36mm hose that won’t kink or collect dust, as well as open face disposable bags to contain the mess.

Container Capacity 9.5 gal
Dimensions (in.) 24.8" x 14.4" x 23.4"
Filter Bag Capacity 8.9 gal
Filter Type Standard
Max. Suction Force 137 CFM
Noise Level 62 - 72 db(A)
Static Water Lift 96"
Weight 29.8 lbs.

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