Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I sharpen my blades?

Your saw blades should be changed frequently to avoid excessive wear to the carbide tips.  Waiting too long to have your blade sharpened sometimes results in us having to take off more carbide than would have been necessary had the blade been sent to us sooner.  Frequent changes could also prevent the possibility of carbide tips breaking off during use.  In the long-run, you are much better off sending your blade in for sharpening sooner rather than later.  Waiting too long will shorten the life expectancy of your blade.  Once a blade dulls, many unfavorable variables, such as heat buildup, increase and cause excessive wear and tear.  You never want to get to the point where you are burning the edge of your material.

How should I store my blades and when the time comes, ship my blades?

Make sure your blades are not stacked together without protection between them.  Cardboard saves carbide!

My blade has some teeth missing.  Can I still use it?

NO!  Send it in to us, and we will replace the teeth for you, as long as it is cost-effective to do so.

I've heard many sharpening services have difficulites sharpening Festool blades and Forrest blades. Can you sharpen them?

YES! This is our specialty!

I can’t stand to be without my blade for a week while it is getting sharpened.  How can I get it back sooner?

Any shop should have a minimum of two blades for each type of material that they cut.  One will be on the saw, one out for sharpening.  Ideally you would even want a third blade in storage in case something happens to the blade that is on the saw.  Contact us at 800-341-2200 and we will quote you on your ‘backup’ blades.

I’ve already got someone locally who sharpens my blades.  Why would I send them all the way to Burns?

Just make sure your sharpener is properly equipped to sharpen your types of blades.  Make sure they have made an investment in the latest machinery and equipment.  Also, make sure they wax-coat the blade after sharpening to protect the teeth.  Lastly, make sure they are not grinding away your carbide too quickly.  We take off the minimum amount of carbide possible at each sharpening.

I think my current sharpening service is doing a good job, but how do I know for sure?

Next time your blades are ready for sharpening, send them to us for a trial.  When you get them back, there is a good chance that you will feel the difference when you cut with them.

I have a very expensive saw blade that is warped!  Can you help?

Our blade tensioning and hammering techniques have been passed down through generations.  We should be able to fix your blade(s).

Can you sharpen my cermet tipped saw blade?

Yes we can. Cermet is ground the same as carbide, but any broken tips will not be replaced as cermet. We have done these blades before, they are generally for a pipe cutting machine..

I would like to have a blade reground to a certain angle for doing dovetails.  Can you help?

Yes we can do this.  Please supply us with the degree of angle, and left or right tilt saw when the blade is sent in.

How much will you charge me to ship my blades back to me?

We ship via UPS and charge actual cost to ship.  So basically, it will cost the same amount that it cost you to ship your blades to us.

After getting my blades back from Burns, they are still not cutting right. What's my next step?

Please examine your saw for buildup on the flanges. This is a common problem, causing the blade to be out of balance when mounted on the saw. If that doesn't help, please contact us and we'll be happy to help out!