Festool TS75EQ Imperial Scale 8-1/4" Plunge Cut Circular Saw with 75" Guiderail & Systainer (575390)

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Includes 75" (1900 mm) guide rail

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If you're looking for a faster, easier, and smarter way to handle cutting jobs at home OR at work, the Festools TS 75 Plunge-Cut Circular Saw is an amazingly versatile piece of machinery that can take the place of several standalone saws.

The TS 75 takes the depth and precision of heavy machinery and puts it in a convenient and relatively lightweight handheld package.  The TS 75 features a 13 amp, 12 volt motor that can provide up to 3550RPM of raw cutting power.  That's enough to saw straight through countertop material or even metal-clad doors easily, with appropriate blades.  The adjustable plunge-cut can set with the NEW Imperial Scale (2016), for exacting precision, allowing cuts as deep as 2.75 inches.  

That's deep enough to cut multiple boards or tiles at once, literally cutting your work in half - or more.  

And if you're looking for clean one-and-done cuts, the TS 75 has you covered.  Dual splinterguards, on both sides, prevent debris from clogging the blade, while a retractable pop-down rear knife keeps the cut open and ensures a smooth cut throughout, with no kerfing.  Sophisticated electronics within the casing monitor the blade speed and heat, utilizing variable-speed control to power through even tough hardwood or laminates. 

What really makes the TS 75 special, however, is the guide rail.  It's a snap to attach to the surface to be cut, with grooves for the saw to travel through.  It ensures perfect accurate cuts, over and over, greatly reducing your rework needs afterwards.  

The TS 75 Circular Saw is another winner from Festool, and a perfect addition to your tool shed or job site.  No other brand offers this combination of power, size, precision, and convenience:  The TS 75 is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

Provides the Accuracy & Versatility You Need to Get the Job Done Right.

  • Power and precision in the palm of your hand Experience the incredible power of the TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw, capable of slicing through material up to 2 3/4” thick.
  • This saw will leave an edge that is both burn and splinter-free; to the extent that your edges will be clean enough to glue without any further prep work.
  • Save time and create matched panels by cutting stacked sheet goods with one cut.
  • Glides on the rail and is incredibly easy to use - which means you will not struggle to get your cut, you work safer, and the tool does the job not you.
  • Try the TS just once and you will discover a means of work so simple and efficient that you will wonder why you struggled for so long with other tools or methods.


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More Information
Manufacturer Festool
  • The TS 75 is Festool’s most powerful plungecut saw, providing enough power to slice through the toughest of materials with little concern for swirl or burn marks.
  • At 2-3/4” depth of cut, the TS 75 can power through thick stock with ease.
  • The slip clutch helps to minimize the risk of a kickback and minimizes wear on the blade, gear case, and motor.
  • Splinter-free cutting on both sides of the cut line. Eliminate tear out on both sides of the cut line with the guide rail and replaceable splinterguard. Keeping both sides of the cut line clean means less material waste.
  • The integrated riving knife keeps the cut kerf open and the material away from the rear of the blade, reducing the chance of kickback and leaving the user in control. Spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) retracts into housing during plunge cuts.
  • Variable speed allows the speed of the saw to be matched to the material. MMC electronics ensure a consistent speed under load, improving cut performance and protecting the saw’s motor from thermal and current overload.
  • Direct dust away from the saw, user, and the material or connect it to a Festool CT Dust Extractor for tool-triggered dust capture.
  • Blade changes are easier and faster using the FastFix system. When engaged, the power switch and arbor are locked simultaneously.
  • The triple motor bearing improves the smoothness of cutting action and extends the service life of the tool.
  • Combined with Festool FS Guide Rails, you have ultimate control over the TS saw for perfectly straight cuts. Add the replaceable splinterguard, and a splinter-free cut is achievable on both sides of the blade.
  • Simple depth adjustment allows only the part of the blade necessary for the cut to be exposed. The plunge-action allows cut placement anywhere on the cut line for straight cuts or cut-outs into material.
  • Set the guide rail to the scribe marks and know that it will cut right on the line, regardless of the angle.
  • TS75EQ Plunge Saw
  • 36-tooth saw blade
  • 75" (1900 mm) guide rail
  • Splinterguard
  • Limit Stop
  • Plug-It Power Cord
  • SYS5TL Systainer (size 5, T-Loc)
Diameter 8 1/4"
Speed (RPM) 1,350 to 3,550 RPM
Power consumption1600 watts / 13 amps 120v AC
Bevel Cuts0-45 degree
Cutting depth on guide rail2-15/16" (75 mm) straight down
Arbor Size1.101" (30 mm)