Nova Voyager DVR 18" Belt-less Direct-Drive Drill Press by Teknatool (58000)

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NOVA, a leading innovator in the woodturning and woodworking industry for more than 30 years, is introduces its first Drill Press. The NOVA Voyager DVR 18” Drill Press features the DVR Smart Motor.

A drill press is a motor that drives a drill bit. For years, manufacturers have added features, such as larger tables, and laser guidance, but the heart of the drill press is the motor. And, to date, motor technology has not kept pace. The NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press introduces revolutionary motor technology, changing up the category completely.

The NOVA Voyager DVR Drill press uses a 1.75hp (115V)/2hp (220v) DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) Smart Motor. A direct drive motor with no belts or pulleys, providing the ideal drilling platform - smooth, vibration free drilling. It also has no brushes, permanent magnets, or electrical connections to moving parts; and no current flow in the rotor, meaning less wear and longer life than an AC or DC motor. It also has the ability to turn on or off with no power spike, providing a low voltage start and no wear on the motor. The motor has an unmatched variable speed range of 50 to 5500 RPM – and enough torque to tackle any material including steel and other metals.

These features alone make the NOVA 18” Drill Press stand out from the competition as not just a woodworking but an ‘all purpose’ drill press. However, it also features a powerful MCU on board, taking the functionality and safety of this drill press to the next level and making it a truly innovative tool. A user-friendly LCD screen allows the user to access a picture menu, a feature generally found only on CNC machines. The user can select the drill bit they want from the menu, then select the size and the material they are drilling into, and the computer will select the correct speed.

The NOVA Voyager can be set to start when the user pulls down on the lever, and automatically stops when the quill is retracted. For zeroing, the user can bring the drill bit down to the work piece and simply press the zero button. The drill press now knows exactly where the work piece is. The drill depth can be dialled in to an accuracy well beyond any ruler or mechanical stop increments. The user can select how deep to drill and what action the machine should take once reaching that depth, e.g., brake and stop at a depth of 1.5-inches. All this - the correct speed, zero point and drilling depth can be set in less than 30 seconds.

The NOVA Voyager has a pilot-hole function that governs the speed of the drill until enough material is entered then ramps up to full speed. This eliminates the need for a pilot-hole drill and ensures a larger drill bit won’t wander. It also makes drilling into a round or irregular surface easier.

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Manufacturer Nova
Condition New
  • POWERFUL 1.75/2HP MOTOR - A truly multipurpose machine, handling wood, metals, plastics and glass with ease, making this one the most versatile Drill Presses available.
  • DEPTH SETTING - Depth setting is easy and provides a direct read out of depth. It is a simple 2-step process; touch the Drill on the work piece and zero. Then put in the depth you want to drill to. When the Drill reaches the set depth the drillcan do a range of actions, such as come to an immediate stop, or slow and then reverse rotation to clean up a counterbored recess. The drill depth can be dialed in to an accuracy well beyond any ruler or mechanical stop capabilities. The other major advantage of electronic depth is automatic machine start and stop. Auto Handle start, Drill bit only starts rotating when you pull down on the handle and stops when you retract the quil. This allows higher safety - you don’t need to be three handed, the hand on the quill feed can instantly stop and start the drill.
  • CUSTOM FEATURES - There are many features that can be customized for the user: for example, favorite speed settings, pilot hole, forward reverse, brake function, auto handle start, Inch/ metric measurement and more.
  • INTELLIGENT SPEED SELECTION - Choose from materials such as softwood, hardwood, acrylic, brass, aluminium, steel and “glass/tile to get the optimum speed for the application.
  • SAFETY - The safety of the NOVA Voyager Drill Press is unmatched. It has a tilt/vibration sensor, so if the drill press falls, the drill press will stop. If a work piece becomes loose, the motor will instantly monitor that an abnormal horizontal load is now occurring and will immediately shut down the motor. A password can be set by user to prevent unauthorized use.
  • FUTURE PROOF MACHINE - The DVR motor doesn’t have any natural speeds, frequencies or ways it must operate. It is controlled by Software. This enables complete flexibility and future proofing. As new features and functions are added, the firmware can be upgraded via standard USB using the DVR upgrade software (coming soon). In the future a computer app will be available downloadable from the internet to allow fast upgrades and customizeable features.
  • PLUG N' PLAY - Push button electronic variable speed with forward and reverse. The correct speed, zero point and drilling depth can be set in less than 30 seconds.
  • SOLID PERFORMANCE - Powerfully built, large table, column and wide base, accurate spindle design with split column, coupled with Industrial grade electronics, and no belts or pulleys to wear and tear, NOVA Voyager is built to last.
  • ACCURACY - Precision machining, tight tolerances, good bearings, split head casings all provide a strong bedrock of accuracy with the NOVA Voyager.  Coupled with the MCU software ‘smarts’ that quickly and easily control the correct balance of speed and power, leading to a very accurate Drill Press.
    50-5500 RMP VARIABLE SPEED - For variety of projects (default is 50-3000rpm, option in settings to increase to 5500rpm).
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL - Easy to operate, the NOVA DVR range of machines are the only SMART machines on the market, using Adaptive Control™ Software.
  • HIGH TORQUE POWER - Instant power when you need it. With it’s 1.75HP/2HP high torque motor, exceptional structural strength and smart design, the NOVA Voyager has the power and capacity to handle a wide variety of projects with ease.
  • FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT DRILLING - NOVA Voyager DVRTM delivers incredible turning smoothness. With no belts to cause vibration, a computer
    that automatically adjusts performance and solid cast iron construction, the Voyager is one smooth & quiet operator. This delivers the ability to drill faster and more efficiently.
  • POWER SAVING - Smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for the project being worked on. The DVR motor can save up to 50% energy and emissions over conventional motors.
  • SPECIALTY CUTTERS - Easily use speciality cutters – Forstner Bits, circle cutters, plugs cutters, rosette cutters, far better than standard drill presses because of the Voyagers ability to optimise power and speeds.
  • DVR motor & Controller
  • Drill Chuck
  • Manual & Fastenings
  • Table
Horsepower 1.75 HP
  • 2-Years Full Replacement on
  • Motor and Controller
  • 5-Years Mechanical
Motor- DVR High Torque Motor, Electronic Variable Speed, 1.75HP Direct Drive; Single Phase Input Supply, 110-120V, 15A, 1.75HP; 220-240V, 10-15A, 2HP (Requires optional plug change) Class F Winding Insulation. Industrial spec for long life
Number of Spindle SpeedsVariable
SpeedRANGE: 50-3000rpm is default (option in settings to increase to 5500rpm)
Spindle TaperMT-2
Spindle Distance to Table(Max.) 23 1/2” (724mm), (Min.) 6 1/8” (155mm)
Table Size16-1/2" X 16-1/2"
Chuck Size5/8"
Base Size22-1/4" X 17-1/2"