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The Woodshop Program for Schools

Services Provided by Burns Power Tools

Burns will assign a technician to work with school instructors, providing general maintenance of shop equipment. Regular services include:

  • Checking of wearing parts on shop equipment
  • Lubrication of shop equipment
  • Installing of sharp knives and blades
  • Recommendations of equipment and accessories for safety compliance

To maximize value, we recommend the cleaning of equipment beforehand. All jobs are on-site labor plus travel time. We will work with instructors to make the job affordable, and will work at the school’s convenience (Monday—Friday).

Burns offers expert sharpening services on all cutting tools, such as saw blades, planer and jointer knives, router bits & shaper cutters.

Pickup, delivery, and installation services are available.

Burns works with power tool manufacturers to provide the greatest overall value on your tool purchases. Taking the instructor’s budget and shop needs into account, we will recommend the most cost-efficient way to supply your shop with the highest-quality tools on the market.

We also work with power tool manufacturers on trade-in programs, with our focus on maximizing your budget.

From general Safety Supplies, to Dust Collection and Air Cleaners, to Machinery Accessories, to innovative Table Saws with electronic safety detection systems, Burns researches and can make recommendations on all.

Burns Power Tools was founded in 1934 and has prided itself on its long-standing reputation for excellence. A ‘One-Stop Shop’ for many New England businesses, Burns provides product advice, repair services, and sharpening services.

At, our customers can research products and services, compare our pricing, get parts breakdowns, and get their complete purchase history.

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